• Darius

    Darius Zee, 26, Singapore

    Darius Zee is a gay man, and a LGBT activist. Darius started off as part of the Rainbow Arts Project...

  • Fan Popo

    Fan Popo, 28, China

    Fan Popo is queer independent filmmaker, writer and activist. Born in 1985, he graduated from the Be...

  • Imam Wahyudi

    Imam Wahyudi, 30, Indonesia

    Was born in Gresik, East Java, but lives now in Jakarta. He is interested in writing, among others s...

  • Isari

    Isari Lawang, 19, Thailand

    Isari Lawang is a 19-years-old young blood director and one of the four founders of Lhang Suan Produ...

  • Nilu

    Nilu Doma Sherpa, 31, Nepal

    Nilu Doma Sherpa is a female filmmaker from Kathmandu, Nepal, who came to the forefront for her shor...

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